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Replacing a Broken Front Tooth with an Implant

With the newest advances in periodontal microsurgery, same day tooth replacement with a dental implant has become a focus of our practice. Because let's be honest, no one wants to go in public with a missing front tooth! If you have a broken tooth, don't worry, there are several options that we have available.

Replacing a front tooth with an implant (that appears natural) requires the most precision and the highest level of skill. Dr. Prokopets went through additional training with a surgical microscope to allow her to do this same day technique. 

In our office, Dr. Prokopets uses the microscope to allow her to see the finest detail of the tooth and implant. This is done with minimal trauma to the bone and gum tissues, which allows for faster healing and a more comfortable recovery. Due to the atraumatic nature of our surgeries, we can acheive a very natural and esthetic outcome.

Steps to replacing a broken front tooth:

1. Comprehensive Examination and 3D Scan

2. Intraoral Digital Impression 

3. Treatment Plan Discussion and Surgery Planning (this involves speaking to your restorative dentist or referring you to one that we closely work with)

4. Surgery Day

5. Post Operative Visit(s)

6. Final Implant Crown will be placed after 4-6 months of healing

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