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Gum Grafting

Eugenia Prokopets, DDS, MSD

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Gum recession is when a tooth loses the protective gum tissue and the root becomes exposed. More than 50% of the population has one or more sites of gum recession of 1 mm or more. The prevalence of gum recession includes patients with good and bad oral hygiene. Gum recession is most often related to hard toothbrushing in patients with great oral hygiene and those with bad oral hygiene the recession occurs from plaque and bacteria accumulation. If you are suffering from gum recession, call Eugenia Prokopets, DDS, MSD, to schedule your much-needed gum grafting consultation conveniently located in Chevy Chase, Maryland. We serve the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia region.

Gum Grafting Q & A

Should gum recession be treated?

As recession progresses and the roots of the teeth become exposed, several consequences occur:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Decay on the root surface
  • Bone loss
  • Unaesthetic appearance
  • The appearance of longer than normal teeth

Gum recession in most cases should be treated to prevent further bone loss from occurring, which will eventually compromise the stability of the tooth in the jaw bone.

What are the treatment options of gum recession?

Gum grafting is the treatment of choice for exposed roots. The treatment options include:

  • Gum graft using your own tissue (connective tissue graft, free gingival graft)
  • Gum graft using a donor tissue (allograft)
  • In some cases, orthodontic treatment
  • In some cases, bone grafting

Dr. Prokopets performs gum grafting using a highly magnified surgical microscope. This microscope allows her to see all the unique layers of the gum tissue, which otherwise periodontists cannot see. She uses microsurgical instruments to gently place the gum graft in the ideal position. This procedure is highly precise with minimum recovery time. She uses sutures as small as the human hair to secure the graft in place.

What is the standard healing time after a gum graft?

After your gum graft, you will be placed on a soft diet for 1-2 weeks. Usually, after that time, the initial healing of graft is complete and you will be able to eat a normal diet. After 2-3 weeks the sutures will be removed by Dr. Prokopets.

After your procedure, you will be given proper medication to aid in the healing process.

If you are aware of your receding gums and would like to consult about various treatment options, please call or book an appointment online today with Dr. Eugenia Prokopets in her office in Chevy Chase, Maryland.