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Sinus Lift

Eugenia Prokopets, DDS, MSD

Periodontist located in Chevy Chase, MD

The maxillary sinuses are the air-filled spaces within our skull, precisely behind our cheekbones. In some cases, as teeth are lost in the back of the mouth the location or size of these spaces can get in the way of treatment with dental implants. A sinus lift allows the periodontist to build enough bone to place a dental implant. Eugenia Prokopets, DDS, MSD, in Chevy Chase, Maryland, offers a variety of treatments to support the gums, teeth, and implants. This includes highly precise procedures that Chevy Chase patients require, such as a sinus lift. Patients rely on Dr. Prokopets in part because of her precision, experience, and proficiency. If you have questions about this procedure or would like to discuss your options with Dr. Prokopets, book a consultation online or call the office by phone today at 301-941-0525. We serve the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia region.

Sinus Lift Q & A

What is a Sinus Lift?

Dr. Prokopets may recommend a sinus lift before receiving a dental implant. Usually, this is recommended in cases of large sinuses and low bone height in the posterior jaw bone. A sinus lift is a routine procedure to lift the floor of the sinus and simultaneously place a bone graft to allow for future implant placement.

What is Dr. Prokopets’ Approach to a Sinus Lift?

Once Dr. Prokopets has seen you for an initial consultation, she may discuss the sinus lift procedure depending on your specific needs or goals. She will review your treatment in detail, answer any questions you may have and ensure you are comfortable with the recommended treatment.  

The sinus lift procedure is completed within a single visit appointment, however, usually, the implants are placed after several months. In some cases, the sinus lift procedure and implant placement can be done in one visit and Dr. Prokopets will discuss with you if you are a candidate.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Prokopets will work gently and carefully to ensure your comfort. After treatment is completed, Dr. Prokopets will review aftercare instructions with you on how to manage the area.

Dr. Prokopets will give you phone numbers of her and the staff to ensure that any follow-up questions or concerns are answered during your recovery.

Does the sinus lift offer a predictable outcome?

Yes, sinus lift procedures are very common and the outcomes are highly predictable. Dr. Prokopets will take time to discuss with you during your consultation the details of the procedure along with what to expect in your treatment.

What does a sinus lift feel like?

Most of Dr. Prokopets’ patients are impressed with how comfortable the microsurgical procedure is with a sinus lift. Most describe the sensation as being “fuller” in the area of the procedure. This is because the bone graft material is filling the site and creating a better foundation for a future implant.

How should I take care of the surgical site after the procedure?

In general, you should avoid contact with the area when you are eating or brushing your teeth. The best way to eat is to chew your food on the opposite side of your mouth. After about 4-6 weeks, the grafts will be integrated and you can begin your normal brushing and eating habits.

If you believe a sinus lift is the best option for you or simply want to learn more, don’t hesitate to call Eugenia Prokopets, DDS, MSD, at her office or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment today.